My novel ‘Wise Follies’ is FREE on Itunes for the whole month of August. It’s about the search for Mr Wonderful, and much more…

Free ebook click here

At some point want to post picture of large sunflower in garden as it’s big and pretty (tho’ it looks smaller in photo). Before attempting this task will probably need advice re. ‘insert featured image’. (At least I put link to free ebook without phoning a friend.) Very pleased that bees like sunflower. It seems to produce loads of pollen.

If you fancy that free ebook here are some reviews…

‘Grace Wynne-Jones has a wicked sense of humour which enlivens every page…Alice and her friends, and her hilarious magazine assignments, at times leave the reader rocking with laughter.’ THE IRISH TIMES

‘Wise Follies is a smooth refreshing read…Bring tissues and a paper bag to laugh into when you read this book outside the privacy of your home.’ IRISH TATLER

‘This fresh new voice will appeal to women of all ages.’ PUBLISHING NEWS

‘A quirky, hilarious novel.’ WHAT’S ON

‘Sharp, funny and moving.’ WOMAN & HOME

‘When you think Alice, think Bridget Fonda chasing Matt Dillon in ‘Singles’, think Kirsty MacColl singing, ‘I put you on a pedestal/You put me on the pill’…this is a novel about finding yourself, and we can’t but cheer for Alice’s gradual emancipation.’ THE EXAMINER

‘A superior romance full of wit, honesty and perception.’ RTE GUIDE

‘A gently amusing account of finding love…an enjoyable read written with an observant wit.’ BOOKS MAGAZINE.

‘This may sound like Bridget Jones territory but Alice is less spiky, certainly drinks less and makes more effort to make a life for herself…The writing is full of quirky wit and energy.’ ‘Book of the Week’ THE EXPRESS

I nipped into kitchen after adding reviews ‘cos I felt in need of a snack…grabbed some seventy per cent cocoa chocolate.

Enjoyed a P.G. Wodehouse audio-book yesterday. Gloriously wacky. I liked that one of the characters was obsessed with newts… By the way there is a rather rude budgie in ‘Wise Follies’.

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