Cheese, Cake and Birds

(You can listen to the Tara radio documentary I made if you click on the relevant icon at the right hand side of this page.)

Two robins regularly visit my little patio garden. One of them is less shy than the other. In fact he has become fairly tame. This is because I sometimes give him cheese. Sometimes he waits for the cheese at the tip of a bamboo cane…swaying somewhat acrobatically. So far I’ve given him mature cheddar. He’s a perky little chap.

I sometimes feed bread to the numerous ducks on a nearby river and they clearly enjoy it. However I recently decided to give them some cake. I’d bought a cake that was far too sweet for my tastes…though I am usually very fond of cake. Would the ducks like a bit of cake too? I tossed bits of it into the water and they dived for it most enthusiastically. They looked quite ‘pleased’ in fact. Hope they’ll still enjoy bread!

Lots of love,


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