Pretending It’s Summer

Pretending it’s summer is not as complicated as it sounds and here are some self-help tips:

* The right soundtrack is indispensable. Summer Breeze by the Isley Brothers is perfect and you can even get great tips from the lyrics. For example the line: ‘summer breeze/makes me feel fine/blowing through the jasmine in my mind’ can be re-enacted by putting jasmine oil in the aromatherapy burner and sitting five feet away from a fan heater.

* Visit clothes stores which, bless their cotton socks, are awash with sarongs and teensy weensy tops in summery colours which is proof that summer exists even if it’s currently elsewhere.

* Walk faster it induces a feeling of warmth.

* Taste summer by buying feta cheese and olives and always ask for a bit of flake in your ice-cream cone.

* Remember that the glass is either half empty or half full and after a bottle of red wine grown somewhere that may be too hot the climate improves almost instantly.

WARM wishes,


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