Classic Reads from Waterstones

Mairead, who works in the lovely branch of Waterstones on Dawson Street in Dublin, recommended ‘I Captured The Castle’ by Dodie Smith a while ago. It is delightful and different. J.K. Rowling is a big fan of it.  Of course Waterstones had loads of wonderful contemporary fayre. But sometimes it’s nice to read some classics.  Mairead would be happy to advise on classic summer reads.  Here are some of her suggestions:
‘Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a great tale of fantasy for all ages. Adapted many times, none compare to Carroll’s original tale. Go through the rabbit hole to find out why.’

 An enduring classic, Emma is a romantic meddler. It often backfires getting her in trouble. Austen’s Emma is the perfect accompaniment to long summer evenings. Edward Cullen has nothing on Mr. Knightley.’
‘Three Men in a Boat

 Originally meant as a serious travel guide, Jerome found the material so funny that it was published as a comedic novel. This ranges from severe hypochondria to disastrous picnics. An absolutely hilarious summer must.’
‘The Yellow Wallpaper and other Stories

 A selection of short stories is a great way to get your teeth into some classics this summer. Charlotte Perkins oilman weaves feminism and great writing seamlessly into these disturbing tales.’

Mairead also recommends the intriguing and eerie 

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Dark and scary, Grimm’s Fairy Tales are just that. Forget that Disney stuff, the Brothers use allegory and mythology to tell their tales of enchantment. Beautifully crafted.’

Enjoy your classic reads!

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