A Bigger Picture

There was a great documentary about the artist David Hockney on the telly last night (BBC2 ‘Imagine’…’A Bigger Picture’). There is something about Hockney that makes me smile. I love his playfulness. His undiminished enthusiasm for creativity. There were many images of him up very early and painting landscapes near Bradford. He is from that area. This was in great contrast to his other home in Los Angeles…he was based there for decades. I regard him as a light-hearted and wise philosopher as well as a brilliant artist. There is something about him that is simply cheery. He’s an appreciator.

Many years ago, when I worked in a publishing house in London, I sometimes used to hear Hockney’s voice as I climbed the building’s many stairs. He had done a very long interview for a book and someone in the building was transcribing the tape recording. Since I was often a bit late for work back then…the building was in Bloomsbury and I lived near Wimbledon tennis courts…I didn’t dally to hear what he was saying.

I have one of his large books in my bookcase. He reminds me that I want to do more painting. I adore colour. His portraits contain deep affection and knowing. And his paintings of dachshunds are adorable. He finds great inspiration in nature. Thank you BBC for a great programme!

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